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Microsoft is still hedging buy rs gold Microsoft is still hedging buy rs gold

   Discussion: Microsoft is still hedging buy rs gold
juanjuan075249 · 6 years, 4 months ago
content in time. However, they're going to have to Old School RS Gold wait a long time. The DLC will be exclusive to PS4 and PS3 at least until Fall 2015.PlayStation gamers have been pampered quite a bit by Bungie. This summer, they received access to an exclusive alpha test. Then they got extra days with the multiplatform beta. On top of all that, they'll be able to buy the Runescape game along with a white PS4 next month.Destiny will debut on all platforms on September 9th. Gamers can begin playing before launch day in some territories, though.Does the exclusive DLC make you more likely to buy the PS3 or PS4 version?<! time 0.00226998329163 sec >Xbox One's Standalone Kinect Coming In October For $150. Update: Microsoft has confirmed the rumors. The standalone Kinect will be available starting on October 7th."The standalone Kinect sensor comes with Dance Central Spotlight, the latest in the dance series from developer Harmonix, which will be available as a digital download and features a soundtrack of 10 hot tracks. Kinect with Dance Central Spotlight will be available at retailers for $149.99," the company said on Xbox Wire.Original article: The Kinect 2.0 hasn't had a very fruitful or worthwhile life. It's short span on the market has been a turbulent and troubled one. However, Microsoft is still hedging bets on the camera device becoming something more than the butt of NSA jokes by possibly making it a standalone accessory starting this October.According to WPCentral notes that they have “learned” that the Kinect 2.0 could be coming to retail shelves this fall as a standalone product for $149.99. Unfortunately the site doesn't say where they retrieved their information from, nor did they disclose what the source of their information happened to be. For all we know this could have been some anonymous person sending out an anonymous email that the device would be available as a standalone accessory in time for the holiday season.A buy rs gold few other sites are also reporting the same thing, though again, the sources are sketchy.It feels like rumorbait to me.
vrool · 2 years ago

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