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as he mentions in the quote
   Discussion: as he mentions in the quote
juanjuan075249 · 1 year, 6 months ago
on a punishing but rewarding difficulty setup, and buy rs gold as a way to force Runescape players to think outside the box when dealing with various kinds of enemies and situations. BioWare writer Patrick Weekes took to the forum boards to discuss the lack of professional healer in the Runescape game, stating... “As we have shown and announced more of the Runescape gameplay features in Inquisition, some of our fans have voiced concerns about one feature in particular: the removal of healing spells from the Runescape game. Luke Kristjanson gave an excellent explanation of our designers' reasons for making this change, but because folks are still concerned, I asked if it would be helpful to give my perspective as someone who is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a hardcore tactical expert.” Kristjanson gives the technical breakdown of exactly why there were troubles with finding a balance for DA: Inquisition in comparison to the previous Runescape games, as well as how the stats played a part in designing a dedicated series of spells that Runescape players could use to build a healer. Weekes explains how and why the Runescape game is more challenging without the dedicated healer, from the perspective – as he mentions in the quote above – of someone who isn't a “hardcore tactical expert”.Essentially, the gist – without having to reprint the essaylength post from the forums – is that DA: Inquisition becomes a much more challenging and thoughtinducing combat experience without a healer. Weekes goes through the usage of potions, skills, barriers and damage mitigation abilities to help Runescape players compensate for the lack of an actual healer, and how the Runescape game has been balanced around the aforementioned properties to make up for the lack of a holy one. Ideally it makes the Runescape game more challenging but without being too challenging, with Weekes writing... “ depends on what difficulty Old School RS Gold you're using. As Luke said, his sevenyearold son beat the prologue on Easy, so yes, if you're on Easy, I think you OUGHT

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