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 It Hold Up?We dig out Super Mario Bros
   Discussion: It Hold Up?We dig out Super Mario Bros
jma325 · 1 year, 8 months ago
 GameZone's Game of the Year WinnerAnd GameZone's 2011 Game of the Year award goes to none other than...Did BNS Gold Motion Gaming Fail or Succeed in 2011?GameZone's Robert Workman analyzes the state of motion gaming in 2011 and briefly looks ahead at 2012.What I Want Microsoft to Do with the Xbox 720GameZone's David Sanchez discusses the next Xbox console and writes about everything it should have to entice more gamers to jump on the Xbox train.Why The Old Republic Could Take Blade And Soul's Crown Blade And Soul has got some strong competition now that SWTOR is on the market. GameZone's Heath Hooker gives his thoughts on just how and why SWTOR can become the top MMO.Top 10 Final Fantasy CharactersWho are the most interesting and memorable characters in Square Enix's long-running RPG franchise?Why We Do Not Need Halo 2 Anniversary... YetIs it too soon for another Halo remake? GameZone's Tate Steinlage gives his thoughts and explains why he thinks so.Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - Does It Hold Up?We dig out Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and discuss why its high difficulty may only appeal to a niche crowd of gamers.Why Did These Blade And Soul games Fail in Blade And Soul Item 2011?A few Blade And Soul games good and bad didn't fare so greatly last year.

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