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it looks like that is not the case
   Discussion: it looks like that is not the case
juanjuan075249 · 1 year, 9 months ago
Troopers were in Killzone Liberation on PSP and we've always wanted to bring them back. When you include aerial combat you obviously need plenty of space so the much bigger levels in Killzone 3 have presented us with the opportunity to include this enemy. Finally, Herman gave some insight into the story of Killzone 3, Warning Killzone 2 spoilers ahead. So with Visari gone, there's a power vacuum on Helghan where figures like Stahl, the head of the Helghan weapon producer, are vying for power. Essentially, the surviving ISA soldiers are caught in the middle of a catfight when what they really need is to get the hell off the planet and return to Vekta.As interesting as all this information is, it essentially on the backburner because of the overwhelming hype of 3D gaming. With that said, it's still hard to say whether or not this feature is worth it due to the fact that most consumers don't even own a 3D television. Nonetheless, the technology is impressive. Hopefully, the public will be able to see more at E3.Be sure to check out yesterday's coverage hereRumor PSP 2 Will be DigitalOnly. If there's one company that should have learned their lesson by now, it's Sony. After releasing the PSP with little success and then seeing even greater disappointment with their UMDless PSPGo, one would think that Sony would have finally thrown in the towel on making a stake in the handheld market. Believe it or not, it looks like that is not the case. According to Sony Australia boss Michael Ephraim, the PSPGo was a step in the right direction, and Sony plans to build off of the foundation that was set by this device. PSPGo was the first device of its kind where you did not have packaged goods or prerecorded media. I think PSPGo will blaze the trail for future iterations of the handheld. On top of that, it looks like the next iteration of the PSP will go even further beyond the realm of handheld gaming. The handheld space is very crowded, not just in the games category but also with smart phones and so on, Ephraim told GameSpot.

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