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henna ladon · 14 days ago
Life Nutra Keto=13.5pt Climbing the scale every day is something that can be good or bad, depending on the point of view used. For example, if your ideal weight is 65 kilograms and weights 85 kilograms, obviously you have a situation that you must solve by health. But today we are going to try to understand why the scale is not so important when you do physical exercise. Why do you gain weight in the gym? When you start training, it is usual to increase your muscle mass in a small proportion while reducing a percentage of fat, especially when you start exercising for the first time. That is why it is important to consider two very important factors: 1. Volume A kilogram of fat and a kilogram of muscle do not occupy the same volume although they weigh the same. That is to say, when you start attending the gym you can and in fact you are going to build lean mass at the same time that you eliminate adipose tissue. This will be reflected in the scale, because even if you check the same, your appearance will be thinner. 2. Energy Fat does not need energy to survive, but muscle does. This means that the muscle has a constant demand for energy to function, which means that if your muscle tissue is large, it will burn more calories. This is related to the basal metabolism, because if you have a lot of muscle mass the body burns energy even without doing anything, since you need it to stay alive. What happens in the body and scale when you play sports? To be able to face physical activity the body needs to have muscle tissue, so if it detects that it lacks this resource, it creates it. In addition, you will need glycogen to have energy to consume and it is important that you know that when you store it retains water, which will also translate into the scale. Obviously, when you start doing sports you do not gain a kilogram of muscle in the first session, but little by little it is created and for that you need proteins. In addition to your muscles acquiring a greater volume, your connective tissue also increases, becoming harder and thicker because it adapts to new conditions to support physical activity. That is, your body needs to be strengthened. If the exercise you perform is aerobic, the blood volume increases. During the first 10 days of training it can be around half a kilogram of weight.

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