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Don’t you ever wonder where some of your favorite Don’t you ever wonder where some of your favorite

   Discussion: Don’t you ever wonder where some of your favorite
zhangzk · 5 days ago
One day Christian Wilkins Jersey , you’re cheering on your favorite NFL players, and the next, you have no idea what just happened to their NFL career. There are so many players that are incredibly popular, and then they just drop off the face of the Earth. Maybe their skill levels started to drop and then everyone stopped paying attention to them, and then their career is gone. And these players aren’t just average players , they were really good players that just become forgotten.It’s easy to think that since these players retire, they move on with their lives, but the more popular players usually become analysts, coaches or do something to stay relevant in the football community. Some of these players on this list you may have completely forgot even played in the NFL. Many of these players have dropped off the face of the Earth after they played their last snap. Sometimes players get lost after their football career is over, and don’t know how to deal with life after football. So Garrett Bradbury Jersey , where has your favorite player been since they retired from the NFL? Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Marrone has some tips on how to beat the New England Patriots. And not all of them are from Tom Coughlin. Marrone received a folder Thursday filled with notes from first-graders at The Bolles School in Jacksonville. The folder read, ”Dear Jags, Want to beat the Patriots? Here’s how: Advice from your (hash)1 fans in Bolles First Grade.” Marrone held it up during his news conference and said, ”I’ve got to get through this. This is from the Bolles first grade and this has the answers that maybe I’m looking for, maybe how we can stop the Patriots.” He later added , ”We’re just taking as much advice as we can because we need it.” The five-time Super Bowl champion Patriots (14-3) will host the Jaguars (12-6) in the AFC championship game Sunday. Marrone jokes that it’s ”hard to believe how so many people have an opinion on how to beat the New England Patriots and no one’s really done that.” —

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