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VSI Sand Making Machine Are Best Choice VSI Sand Making Machine Are Best Choice

   Discussion: VSI Sand Making Machine Are Best Choice
posuiman · 21 days ago
According to the Crushing Equipment current situation, we can see that the gravel aggregate has been the most basic and widely used raw material no matter in the road, the highway, or the high-speed rail construction, so the building sand attracts much attention. How to choose the good sand making equipment has been the first important thing for the investors. The advanced impact sand making machine (also called the third-generation sand making equipment) not only solves the problem of environment pollution, but also improves the resource utilization rate and brings the customers great benefits, thus forming a comprehensive efficiency. It has a history of decades to study and use sand making machine in the developed countries abroad. In our country, it also has been used for more than ten years, and the process could meet market demand basically. It is the very time to innovate this equipment.The impact Stone Crushing Equipment Sale produced by Company improves itself in technology. It adopts the counterattack hammer and counterattack plate inside, making it possible to fine crush materials by hammer blow and counterattack. It is easy to operate and the gravel aggregate produced has a good grain shape. Some small pore sized stone achieved 100% in the schistose rate. The sand produced by the whole set of sand making machine, containing the crushing, screening and reshaping equipment, obvious well-shaped than before. The traditional sand making way is to crush first by the jaw crusher after the rock blasting, and then choose impact crusher or vertical impact crusher to conduct the intermediate crushing according to the hardness and the fineness needed of the stone, and at last produce the standard grain by the sand making machine. The wet type sand making machine method also requires the stone being washed by the sand washer, then coming out the clean and qualified building sand.Feature of VSI sand making machineLarge capacity, high output:50-500t/h. Under the same power compared to the traditional equipment, the output is increased by 30%. Low wearing parts consumption:30% lower than conventional equipment running cost, directly reduces the use cost of the equipment. Good grain shape products are cube, grain shape good, reasonable gradation, adjustable fineness modulus; Especially suitable for artificial sand and stone plastic, practice has proved that plastic effect increased by 30% compared with the traditional equipment. Hydraulic device, easy to maintain, hydraulic drive cover device, make the crushing cavity internal maintenance convenient, shorten the down time, save time and effort largely. Automatic detection, safe and reliable set vibration display and alarm device, the alarm will ring when the equipment is abnormally running, making the equipment stop work, achieve the purpose of protect the machine.

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