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Raymond mill processing dolomite Raymond mill processing dolomite

   Discussion: Raymond mill processing dolomite
kuangshanposui · 26 days ago
Dolomite crystals belong to the third party stone crushing equipment innovation system of carbonate minerals. Often iron, manganese and dolomite of isomorphism for the magnesium. When the iron or manganese atomic number than magnesium, known as iron manganese dolomite or dolomite. Pure-white; when iron grey; after the weathered Brown. Glass luster. When cooled diluted hydrochloric acid slow bubble. Is the main mineral composition of dolomite. Marine origin of dolomite and siderite, limestone layers interbedded outputs. In lacustrine sediments, dolomite and gypsum, anhydrite, halite, sylvite, symbiosis.Dolomite, dolomite powder, after mobile sand making machine manufacturers grinding is widely used in the following areas: Metallurgical refractory materials, magnesia slag steelmaking iron as agent, to combine with melting of silicon, aluminum, sulfur, phosphorus when unwanted or harmful of the associated element, becomes easier to separate slag from molten steel. Glass and ceramic industry: used in glass as raw materials, increasing the sheen of glass products and improving the flexural strength of glass products. Ceramic glazed blanks and fluxing action and lower firing temperature.Building material industry: production of waterborne paints, sulphate of magnesia cement, cement, plastic, high-performance magnesium chloride waterproofing materials. Chemical industry: rubber filler improve the hardness and resistance to water, electrical insulation and dimensional stability, and so on. Agriculture and forestry: acidic soil improvers or neutralizing agent or neutralizing agent, epidemic prevention, pesticides. Environmental protection: Dolomite powder filter material for water treatment, and so on.

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