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insulating glass of doors and windows? insulating glass of doors and windows?

   Discussion: insulating glass of doors and windows?
ahwhglass · 18 days ago
Why can there be fogging in the insulating glass of doors and windows? In recent years, more and more people have chosen make use of aluminum alloy doors and also windows to decorate. Whilst enjoying the quiet and comfortable, many friends found out how glass of the doors and windows at home fogged. How is the following going? To understand why for its formation in addition to solutions, we must first understand the manufacturing means of insulating glass. The basic manufacturing technique of insulating glass consists with tempered Laminated Glass cleaning, molecular sieve screening, butyl sealant shell, splicing, and second plugging adhesive. Every aspect is related to the choice of materials and the proficiency and quality with the operators. Glass cleaning  Cleaning glass is step one in the production of insulating glass and probably the most important aspects to ensure the sealing of insulation glass. If the oil and sweat to the glass cannot be thoroughly washed away, the adhesion in the sealant to the magnifying glaas is greatly impaired, thereby reducing the sealing effect of the insulating glass. The manufacturer with the insulating glass manufacturer emphasized which the conditions considered for choosing the desiccant, sealant and spacer are according to the premise that the particular glass is cleaned, as well as the sealing of the insulating glass is usually to a considerable extent whether or not the glass cleaning is clean or not. The cleaning of glass may be the main measure of the quality of the appearance. However, from the current production, many suppliers, especially small manufacturers, often pay insufficient attention to be able to cleaning glass, resulting in numerous unqualified products entering the marketplace.

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