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Analysis about Growing Trend of Flotation Cell Analysis about Growing Trend of Flotation Cell

   Discussion: Analysis about Growing Trend of Flotation Cell
posuiman · 1 month ago
Flotation cell has the Ore Milling Equipment following advantages: high enrichment ratio, high recovery, low operating costs, especially it is suited to deal with micro-fine and easy automatic control. After decades of research and development, flotation cell has been widely accepted at home and abroad; it is used to separate various kinds of ore and coal; What's more, flotation cell which has the advantages of novel structure, unique design, and high efficiency is become more and more popular. Flotation machine bubble generator, ore pulp, the bubble flow characteristics and interactions, higher accuracy of mathematical models and magnified method, electronic automatic control system will continue to be the important future research.Our research and application of the Stone Crushing Equipment Sale flotation machine 'boom' hurriedly disappeared since the 1970s; few people focus on this field. As the fine-grained and dressing are difficult, the contradiction between sorting set and separation process is very conspicuous (Our country own high level in pharmaceutical processing and beneficiation process). Flotation column generally considered to be one of the most promising devices, which should make us organize forces to catch up with the world advanced level on the basis of a follow-up study and create the proper flotation column which is suitable to our resources characteristics. The development direction of flotation cell focus on the following field: filling medium (create static environment and improve mineralization efficiency), micro vesicle, combination of turbulence efficient mineralization and static separation. The new areas of the application of flotation cell is become larger, such as pre-removal of the organic in electrolyte in order to make the electrolysis process more stable. China is still in a fledging period, but because of the huge market prospects and capacity. We will believe that it will bring new opportunity to the research and application.

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