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in the process of screen in the process of screen

   Discussion: in the process of screen
jwen4568 · 5 months ago
In the production process of bearing will easily because the fever is damaged, the bearing seat is the vulnerability of vibrating screen? Solution: if the wearing parts of a detailed understanding of vibrating screen, recommend careful analysis in the purchase of equipment to provide manufacturers gravel limestone processing plant product specification.  A bearing seat and a bearing, especially in the process of screen, long time contact with the material is prone to wear. Bearings may have a fever is the main reason of the exciting force caused by eccentric wheel caused by too much. Here, put forward three solutions, one is to reduce the weight of the eccentric wheel, the second is spring replacement intensity is high, the third is the bearing base reinforcement.  These methods can be extended bearing service life, the latter part of the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. The above are some common problems in the classification process stone we summarize some of the limestone processing plant, and gives a specific solution. If the relevant enterprises encounter the same problem in the production process, can use the above method to quickly solve the problem, ensure the production line operation smoothly.

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