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Jaw Crusher And Impact Crusher Jaw Crusher And Impact Crusher

   Discussion: Jaw Crusher And Impact Crusher
kuangshanposui · 5 months ago
The commonly used energy saving sand making machine include: cycle crusher, jaw crusher and impact crusher. Cycle crusher features stable operation, smooth feeding, large feeding diameter and processing ability, fine granularity and high one-time investment. When the processing scale reaches or surpasses 1200t/h, cycle crusher can be used as primary crushing so as to reduce the equipment's installation quantity, simplify the procedure, lower the load of follow-up crushing, which reduces the follow-up investment. The larger the processing scale is, the more fully the superiority of cycle crusher embodies.Jaw crusher is applicable for crushing any rocks. However, hammer crusher spare parts processing capacity is quite low and feeding links have many. In addition, materials are easy to be blocked and the discharge diameter is quite large; product granularity is poor and flaky particle is pretty high. However, when the the processing scale of sand processing system is smaller than 800t/h, jaw crusher can be used to be the primary crushing machine to save the production cost.7, In order for grinding mill to work, the equipment should formulate a 'maintenance of the safe operation of the system' in order to ensure the safe operation of the mill a long period and at the same time to have the necessary tools and grease and maintenance parts. 8, grinding mill using the time after the overhaul should be carried out at the same time on the roller mill Blade ring wearing parts such as replacement of repair, ball mill machine roller before and after the use of the device to connect to the bolt nut should carefully check whether There are loose, whether the full increase of lubricating grease. 9, grinding mill roller device using the time more than 500 hours or so to replace the roller, roll on the rolling bearing passed the necessary clearance to hear from him, should replace the damaged pieces, plus hammer crusher tools not available to manually add butter or oil pump gun. The other maintenance should be strictly according the maintenance brochure and follow the indication of our engineers step by step.

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