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Stone crushing plant Stone crushing plant

   Discussion: Stone crushing plant
kuangshanposui · 5 months ago
Feeding equipment, transportation equipment and hammer crusher working principle is basically not much difference, but taking into account the characteristics of the material itself, equipment selection should pay attention to whether the material humidity, moisture content, size, hardness, material, especially when production requirements, and other factors. Stone production line is generally used in belt conveyors as transport equipment, the device has a great conveying capacity, transmission distance is long, smooth delivery, the material the conveyor belt is not moving, noise small, simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, the advantages of standardized parts, in places such as quarries.To material raymond mill grinding plant for talc main has vibration to material machine, and plate to material machine, and reciprocating type to material machine, and fluctuations roll type to material machine four species type, four species type of to material machine of Shi conveying production vary, vibration to material machine each hours conveying 100-630 tons, plate to material machine each hours conveying 60-750 tons, to duplex to material machine each hours conveying 90-700 tons, fluctuations roll type to material machine each hours conveying 150-1000 tons.Usually vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder not only when you want to feed a large quantity, and can transport materials containing rich soil, and water, set screening and send feed function and choice of materials, and can be used to eliminate the sight of fine material, for the next process routing and screening. To sum up, a full set of stone production line configuration includes vibratory feeders, Jaw Crusher, impact crusher (Cone Crusher), round vibrating screen, belt conveyors, such as configuration, and the processing for different customer need, can also be equipped with impact crusher and dust configuration.

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