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development of stone crusher development of stone crusher

   Discussion: development of stone crusher
jwen4568 · 6 months ago
Is mainly composed of a screen box, screen, a vibrator, a damping spring device, chassis and other parts of stone crusher, divided into circular stone crusher parts supplier, linear stone crusher type. It is designed for screening stone quarry, also for coal, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical sectors classification used for products, is a kind of high efficient screening equipment model.  Foreign countries began to research and production of screening machinery from sixteenth Century, has been developed rapidly in the eighteenth Century European Industrial Revolution period. After the development for hundreds of years, the current screening equipment abroad has reached a high level.A multipurpose Soviet foreign developed linear stone crusher self synchronous linear stone crusher best performance, it has both advantages of resonance screen and linear stone crusher, become the development prototype of the modern model of linear stone crusher, is a kind of efficient sieving equipment. Vertical vibration sieve material development in Japan to develop a flow sieve is most famous, it put the rotary motion and turning motion are combined, can realize the classification of a fine material, sieving effect is good. The industry of our country started relatively late, weak foundation, the development of screening machinery began in the middle of this century.

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