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How to Dress for Picnics How to Dress for Picnics

   Discussion: How to Dress for Picnics
ownher2018 · 5 months ago
=11pt=12.0ptPicnics are time well spent with your families. Whether you are having one in a beautiful location far from home, one at your backyard or in your neighbour’s garden under a big shady tree, picnics are enjoyable. We enjoy home- made delicacies share stories and enjoy the outdoor games. However, you have to be dressed appropriately for the outing so you can be comfortable while sitting and playing around. Here are some cool ideas for right clothing while going for a picnic.
  • =11pt=12.0ptDenim overalls the short one along with a top is chic and comfortable. Wear sneakers if you are going to a far location you may have to walk.
  • =11pt=12.0ptAn off-shoulder jumpsuit in a light colour with floral prints is a refreshing look for you. Carry an umbrella to shade you from the sun.
  • =11pt=12.0ptA plaid cotton dress and a pair of comfortable loafers or sneakers is also a cute look for a picnic. A hat and a pair of sunglasses of choices can be used as accessories.
  • =11pt=12.0ptA light floral printed sleeveless dress with gathers on the waist is a typical 60’s style dress but truly classy.
  • =11pt=12.0ptIf you have welcomed a baby then cute =12.0ptnewborn clothes =12.0ptsuch as a playsuit would be perfect for the baby. New mommies can wear a cotton white knee-length dress along with a pair of sneakers. You can also put on =12.0ptkids matching outfits=12.0pt for your children. Siblings look cute when they match each other especially on family outings.
  • =11pt=12.0ptA white off-shoulder cotton top and a pair of skinny blue denim jeans worn with a pair of flat bellies is a beautiful look too.
  • =11pt=12.0ptTry printed harem pants with a crop top and sandals.
  • =11pt=12.0ptA halter neck knee-length dress of a brighter colour is great too.
  • =11pt=12.0ptYou can also try a maxi dress with a floral print in bright colours. Strappy sandals would look great with the outfit but then you have to see how comfortable you would be in walking around with them.
  • =11pt=12.0ptLight blue denims and a white sleeveless t-shirt or shirt tucked in loosely is the most comfortable costume you have wear. Fold your jeans and wear an anklet – it looks superb. A handbag or a sling bag will go for your accessory.
  • =11pt=12.0ptSunglasses, hats, umbrellas, a bottle of water and sunscreen lotions are a must while going outdoors.
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