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What To Buy And What Not When You Are Pregnant What To Buy And What Not When You Are Pregnant

   Discussion: What To Buy And What Not When You Are Pregnant
ownher2018 · 5 months ago
=11pt=12.0ptSoon you will get busy buying =12.0ptnewborn baby clothes=12.0pt for the wee little guest that you are about to welcome home. But for now you need to check on your closet and shop around a bit for you. Shops both virtual and physical have come up with a range of maternity clothes which are nowhere near to cheap. Therefore instead of spending you money excessively on these clothes have a look at our tips that will tell you on what is worth investing while you are pregnant. =11pt=12.0ptWhat to Buy
  • =11pt=12.0ptMaternity pants with fabric cotton with stretchy panel to sit under your belly comfortable. Look for cropped pants so you will feel breezy. The material should be a bit stretchy but not excessively so as to give a fitted look – you will feel uncomfortable and look weird too with the big tummy and super fitted pants.
  • =11pt=12.0ptShorts, pants or skirts that have drawstrings or stretchy waistbands are perfect for you. They will also work for you when your pregnancy is over.
  • =11pt=12.0ptSet aside your original set of panties and buy a set of bigger size panties. If you are using your original ones you will not be able to fit in them post-pregnancy when you lose weight.
  • =11pt=12.0ptExtra-long t-shirts and tanks help in covering the belly comfortably. Buy just 3 or 4 to last you for the end months when your belly is big.
  • =11pt=12.0ptMaxi dresses are pretty cool if you are investing in =12.0ptwomen’s dresses =12.0ptand they will work for you even after your pregnancy. Bodycon dresses are equally good because of their stretchy nature. However, unless the occasion calls for don’t buy expensive maternity dresses.
=11pt=12.0ptWhat Not to Buy
  • =11pt=12.0ptMaternity outerwear is sheer waste of money. If the climate suddenly gets cool or damp then just wear your coat unbuttoned. Use a long scarf or a soft thin sweater inside to keep you tummy warm.
  • =11pt=12.0ptYou should not change the entire bra collection because the size of your breasts may fluctuate after your pregnancy. Instead you should buy bra extenders for now and later invest in nursing bras.
  • =11pt=12.0ptMaternity jeans are totally a big no. We spoke about stretchy waistbands on clothes; use them so you can also use it for later.
  • =11pt=12.0ptKnee-length dresses should be put away or not bought because your stomach will pull it up. Bump hugging dresses especially with very big patterns should also be avoided.
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