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How to use balcony waterproof material How to use balcony waterproof material

   Discussion: How to use balcony waterproof material
qizhenapp · 6 months ago
How to use balcony waterproof material When using the waterproof material of the balcony, it is necessary to see whether it meets the relevant national regulations and whether it has a certificate of conformity. When constructing the waterproof material of the balcony, the surface should be kept flat and there should be no empty drum or cracking. In addition, the moisture content of the bottom layer also needs to meet the standard. When making the balcony waterproof, it is necessary to make the wall surface from the ground. In the construction direction, the thickness and strength of the protective layer cement mortar should meet the standard. The waterproof layer should not be damaged during construction, and the drainage should be done well. Balcony waterproofing standard The standard waterproofing construction of the balcony should be coated with waterproof material. The bottom layer should be flat and should not have problems such as empty drums, sanding, and cracking. The waterproof layer should be evenly coated, the thickness should meet the specified requirements, and the thickness should not be less than 1.6mm without exposure. There should be no air bubbles on the surface of the coating film, and the joints of the pipe fittings, floor drains and drains should be tightly closed and not leaking. How to waterproof the balcony Because the waterproof layer is not exposed to the surface, when you are waterproofing, you must first find the waterproof layer. Remove the previous waterproof layer, level it, and drain the water from the insulation. Finally, beautify, when landscaping, can not damage the waterproof layer, if it is damaged, it should be repaired in time.porch ceiling vinyl board Iran Outdoor Landscape Vinyl Fence pvc flat roof supply composite wood cladding melbourne

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