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Duel Area Changes Duel Area Changes

   Discussion: Duel Area Changes
cheaprsgoldsell · 6 months ago
Back in June many of us announced content changes we might be making to the Duel Area. To tackle odds staking (and consequently Real World Trading) at the Duel Arena, looking for made the following changes. People can no longer stake items; this means only Coins and American platinum eagle tokens can be used. Each duelists stake must be within twelve, 000 Coins of each various other in value. Winnings (the combined total of both equally players' stakes) will also be taxed by a percentage depending on the scale the stake. The current position size limit (a merged total of 2147m general practitioner and 2147m platinum involving both players) will remain a similar. The same restrictions remain in area as before; F2P people can only stake in Money, not Platinum, and Ironmen can't stake at all. When entering a duel, you can be presented with the familiar possibilities screen:Buy 07 Runescape Gold Afterwards, you are come to the staking screen. Below you can check the staking data as well as your opponent's worn tools and inventory items (assuming you have the "Show Inventories" option enabled for your duel) by selecting the relevant icons. You need to use the buttons beneath the viewable amount of Platinum or Platinum to add to your stake or perhaps the Once agreed and acknowledged, the confirmation screen displayed below will appear for you to what is staked amounts. There will nevertheless be a delay before you can what is duel and we encourage anyone to check the details of the régulateur before agreeing to them. Following your duel, the rewards monitor will show the amount that was attached by both players, typically the tax rate and the entire winnings. Just follow it !  

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