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Reasons for affecting the fineness of ultrafine grinding products Reasons for affecting the fineness of ultrafine grinding products

   Discussion: Reasons for affecting the fineness of ultrafine grinding products
kuangshanposui · 4 months ago
There are many kinds of Ultrafine Mill materials, which are used in the production of various materials. Micro-powder grinding is a commonly used grinding equipment. In the process of grinding, due to various natural factors and human factors, micro-grinding The fineness of the finished product sometimes appears to be unqualified. What are the causes? Micro-grinding is different for different ore materials. Its particle size and hardness are also different. When the ultra-fine mill grinds and grinds it, it also has a certain impact on the production capacity of the equipment. If the hardness of the ore material is high and the particle size is large, the grinding difficulty of the material will increase, which will not only affect the yield but also affect the fineness of the finished product. During the operation of the micro-grinding, the rotation of the reducer drives the rotation of the central shaft. If the rotation speed of the central shaft is too large or too small, the grinding time of the material will be shortened, so that in the case of insufficient material grinding, This will result in a larger fineness of the finished product.In the process of grinding the material, the ultrafine grinding machine enters the analysis machine under the driving of the air blower to screen. If the wind speed of the air blower is too large, the material that does not meet the production requirements will enter the powder collector. The particle size of the finished product is too large, which affects the fineness of the finished product of the micro-grinding. In addition to the above problems, the analysis of the blade of the machine, the opening and closing of the classifier, and the feeding mode of the worker are also important factors affecting the fineness of the finished product. Therefore, when using the micro-grinding mill for grinding production, we must pay attention to the details of all aspects to ensure the fineness of the micro-fine grinding products.However, it is undeniable that the permanent use of mechanical products is not guaranteed by every manufacturer. The replacement is the inevitable direction for the development of mechanical products. However, our ultrafine grinding machine with good product performance, coupled with the regular maintenance of corporate customers in daily use, the service life of our ultrafine grinding machine will inevitably increase greatly, while meeting customer needs, but also for me The company has made a good brand effect.

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