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New sand making machine assists dry powder sand making New sand making machine assists dry powder sand making

   Discussion: New sand making machine assists dry powder sand making
kuangshanposui · 5 months ago
In the field of dry powder maintenance of sand making machine, the requirements for the sand making machine are relatively high. Firstly, in terms of grain type, it must conform to the national standard of dry powder sand, and the finished product must be in the form of a cube. The new sand making machine designed by our company uses shock and counterattack. The principle is to realize the crushing of materials. The three-layer rotor crushing cavity type is adopted, and the principle of mechanics is scientifically utilized, which not only improves the crushing efficiency, but also ensures the excellent granularity of the finished product.For the dry powder field, the finished product size is below 3mm. According to the characteristics of dry powder sand, the new sand making machine developed by our company adopts automatic lubrication and intelligent control device, which can realize the timing fixed lubrication of the bearing, firstly guarantee the long-term stability of the equipment. The operation, the intelligent control device can realize the automatic adjustment of the rotor, and the size of the discharge can be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed. The finished product size can reach 120 mesh, which can fully meet the requirements of the dry powder sand.The sand making machine considers energy saving, high efficiency, stability, scientific and other aspects, and combines various advantages into one. The automatic lubrication system is used to lubricate the bearing to ensure the stability of the new numerical control sand machine. The internal rotor speed can be controlled by frequency conversion control. To meet the different needs of customers for coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand, it has the effect of energy saving and shaping. The hammer head is cast with new alloy material, the hammer head has high service life, and the hammer head also has adjustability, which greatly enhances the hammer head. The utilization rate reduces the cost of using the customer.

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