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Mobile construction waste crusher structure and installation Mobile construction waste crusher structure and installation

   Discussion: Mobile construction waste crusher structure and installation
posuiman · 5 months ago
Mobile Construction Waste Crusher Sales is a device that uses impact to crush materials. In addition to hitting the material to be broken by a board hammer, it is more important to use a hammer to throw the material onto the counterattack board, or the materials collide with each other in space to break the material. Therefore, this crusher fully utilizes kinetic energy. It has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and uniform product particle size.In coal mines and coal preparation plants, this type of Construction Waste Crusher is also widely used and is mainly used for crushing raw coal, medium coal, and vermiculite. On the basis of the original mobile construction waste crusher, the PF series mobile construction waste crusher for coal was added. Mobile construction waste crusher working principle and structure. The motor drives the rotor through a V-belt for high-speed rotary motion. The material enters the area where the hammer is rotated by the material inlet and is impacted by a high-speed rotating plate hammer. After the material is broken, it is thrown toward the counterattack board in the direction of the tangential rotation of the hammer, and it is impacted again.The material then bounces back from the counterplate to the plate hammer rotation space and into the impact zone of the second counterplate. Material is repeatedly impacted by hammers and counterattack plates until the material continuously cracks along its own joint surface, and the internal structure is damaged and broken. Less than the required size of the broken material, along the gap between the plate hammer and counterattack discharge crusher, broken product. It should be pointed out that during the repeated crushing of the material, there is also an impact fracture between the materials.

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