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Crushing construction waste jaw crusher Crushing construction waste jaw crusher

   Discussion: Crushing construction waste jaw crusher
kuangshanposui · 5 months ago
The so-called Construction Waste Crusher is able to partially or completely replace the less efficient ball mill cage to undertake the rough grinding task, thus improving the energy efficiency of the grinding system, shortening the residence time of the material in the ball mill and excessive stress exerted by the large steel ball. , favorable to reduce the phenomenon of agglomeration and excessive grinding; can use pre-grinding equipment to deal with hard and brittle blocks, and then with the soft easy to wear fine material together to the mill fine grinding, so that the distribution of raw materials or cement particles more Uniform, reducing the difference in chemical composition between the granule components. But also applies to the technical transformation of some small cement plants, when the phenomenon of kiln grinding is not balanced, in the absence of funds, only increase the crusher to break the generation of grinding, improve the efficiency of grinding, in order to meet the needs of the capacity of the shaft kiln to play .Pre-pulverizing Construction Waste Crusher can be applied to roller presses, fine-breaking jaw crushers, hammer crushers, large-scale construction counter-breaks, and vertical shaft impact crushers. Roller presses appeared in 1985. It has different combinations with ball mills. The output can be increased by 20 to 100% and the energy consumption can be reduced by 10 to 40%. Roller press products have a wide particle size distribution and the particles have a width of 8 to 30 mm. The amount of fine powder depends on the size of the pressing force and the conditions of feeding. It usually accounts for more than 20% of the 32um, and it can also be adjusted to 80% of the 90um. The ball mill only plays the bulk and the final fine grinding and control The effect of particle shape and particle composition.The inadequacies of the equipment are complex equipment, high investment requirements on the conditions of materials, domestic machinery structure material is still in development, the roller is easy to damage, maintenance is difficult and costly, so the place where the industrial technology level is not high should be Choose carefully. Fine crushing jaw crusher main problem is uneven product size uniformity, often with large long-sized particles appear; hammer crusher, impact crusher is a major shortage of hammer head wear and tear, unit product power consumption is higher, generally in the 2-1-3kwh/ton product above.

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