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ultrafine mill electronic control system introduction ultrafine mill electronic control system introduction

   Discussion: ultrafine mill electronic control system introduction
jwen4568 · 5 months ago
In order to better achieve ultrafine mill material for the production process, the machine uses an electronic control system, the system can reduce the production of manpower operations, but also reduce the existence of mistakes, so as to ensure the smooth progress of production, where Is to analyze this electronic control system. Control of Vibration Dosage In the process of ultrafine mill, the electromagnetic vibrating feeding device is an indispensable feeding device for the milling operation of the material. The changes of the motor current of the main motor and the fan motor control the automatic feeding status of the vibrating feeder, and the specific control The method is, under the condition of the normal operation of the fan, once the host current exceeds the rated current, the feed will be stopped, and the current will be re-dosed automatically after feeding, this control method can effectively avoid the production process, to The blockage caused by the unreasonable amount of material and the decline of output; Control of the Analyzers Analytical machine in the production process of ultrafine mill, greatly affected the quality of finished products, the use of electronic control system, you can speed motor control and achieve the control of the analyzer, so that it can control the fineness of the finished product;The main analysis of the article is that the ultrafine mill electronic control system is mainly about which components to control the problem and describes the aircraft for the production process, which for the production, reducing human errors at the same time, increased production Efficiency and product quality, but also an important manifestation of automation.

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