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These improvements in design make These improvements in design make

   Discussion: These improvements in design make
jwen4568 · 6 months ago
The ultrafine mill system in the negative pressure state of operation, are closed circuit system, to avoid the phenomenon of dust spill. Fifth, the fan outlet set the exhaust pipe valve, the excess gas can be cleaned by the bag filter after discharge, not only can play a role in regulating the system airflow balance, and more green. Sixth, its output in the 1.8-6.5 tons / hour, grinding effect is good, high precision powder selection. These improvements in design make our non-metallic mineral grinding machinery represent the most advanced milling technology in China, making it the preferred choice for non-metallic mineral powder manufacturers to meet the needs of customers on the 200-33 micron powder Production requirements. It is welcomed by the majority of users, there is an important reason is that it is running stable. This ensures the continuity of the production process, reducing the loss caused by downtime. The development of non-metallic mineral powder has led to the market demand for our ultrafine mill. The improvement of our ultrafine mill has also promoted the production of non-metallic mineral powder, which can be described as 'win-win' model.

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