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Vertical roller mill in the cement plant Vertical roller mill in the cement plant

   Discussion: Vertical roller mill in the cement plant
lovestory · 4 months ago
Compared with the traditional concept of vertical roller mill equipment, cement mill in the absorption of advanced technology and concepts at home and abroad, in order to save more environmentally friendly, low-energy, efficient advantages, in the market to occupy a great advantage. Then, the vertical mill in cement plant is how to grind the material?First of all, the material will be sent to the cement vertical roller mill before the mill, generally equipped with a variety of crusher equipment, so as to facilitate the larger size of the material crushed to the required size, to prevent excessive material in the feed device stage of clogging, thereby affecting the production.Secondly, after crushing treatment of materials (most of the ore material), under the action of the hoist was sent to the storage hopper, after the electromagnetic vibration feeder evenly, quantitatively and continuously into the cement vertical roller mill vertical grinding machine room. Under the continuous rolling of the grinding roll and grinding ring, the material after grinding is sent into the classifier by fan flow into the classifier.Third, in the cement plant vertical mill internal powder selection machine impeller, to meet the production requirements of the powder with the airflow, through the pipeline into cyclone dust collector, for further separation and collection, and finally discharged through the discharge device. And after grinding, the fineness of the unqualified material, then returned to the grinding room was re grinding.Fourth, because the grinding material itself contains some water in the cement roller mill grinding process, will inevitably produce some heat. This will lead to gas evaporation cement vertical mill interior expansion, and then change the gas flow system. The inlet and the joint of the pipeline are sealed, and the entry of the outside air will destroy the air flow balance in the system.Fifth, in order to prevent the occurrence of the above, we will set up a special exhaust valve in the fan outlet, in order to facilitate the excess gas through here, and into the bag type dust collector, after purification into the atmosphere. In this way, the air balance of the air conditioning system was adjusted and the environment was maintained effectively during the vertical mill operation of the cement plant.

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