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Coal pulverizer
   Discussion: Coal pulverizer
yoyocrusher · 4 months ago
Coal mill is one of the large thermal power station auxiliary machines, is the main equipment of coal preparation system. Through crushing, grinding and impact the crushing equipment into pulverized coal briquettes. The utility model is mainly used for grinding various hardness coals, and can also be applied to the coal and the crushing system of mineral materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.. Characteristics of coal pulverizer: 1. Ore Milling Equipment  adopts edge drive, which is driven by motor through reducer, pinion and big gear. 2., the wind type structure with drying box is adopted, which makes the mill have good adaptability to the moisture content of raw coal. The grinding bin is composed of a stepped lining board, a double lining plate and a corrugated bush, and the grinding capacity of the rolling mill is improved. 3. the feeding device adopts the oblique wind shutter structure, which improves the heat exchange capability and effectively prevents the blockage of the pulverized coal inlet. Working principle of coal pulverizer The raw coal enters the feeding device of the equipment, and the hot air with a temperature of 300 degrees is also fed into the feeding device through the intake pipe. The drying box is provided with a special lifting plate, which is used for raising raw coal, drying raw coal and exchanging heat strongly. The dried coal will pass through the double diaphragm plate with the lifting board into the grinding bin. The grinding chamber is provided with a grinding body (steel ball), and the indoor coal is pulverized and pulverized into pulverized coal. When the coal is pulverized, the pulverized coal and gas are removed from the mill by a special blower of the feeding device, and the coarse particles are returned to the grinding chamber by a spiral feed device for regrinding. The utility model has the advantages of strong production capacity, high output, high grinding degree, unique design, advanced operation, continuous operation, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. According to the grinding speed of its working parts, the coal mill can be divided into low speed pulverizer, medium speed pulverizer and high-speed coal pulverizer. Ball mill is also a kind of pulverized coal pulverizer.

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