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What are the causes of air clogging in ultrafine grinding machines?
   Discussion: What are the causes of air clogging in ultrafine grinding machines?
posuiji · 4 months ago
In recent years, as the market demand continues to improve, the milling industry has also been developing, so the demand for flour mill is also higher and higher. The ultrafine mill principle in order to meet the needs of the development of the industry, its performance has been actively improved, and every time the innovation and improvement have been recognized and praised by most users. Among them, superfine grinding performance is particularly obvious, which in the milling industry has been praised by users. When the user uses it correctly and reasonably for grinding operation, almost no fault occurs in a certain use time, and is trusted by the users. In the process of grinding and grinding materials, the feed is a mass of material, and the discharge is a powder material, so there may be some failures. It may be that these problems are minor, but if they are not solved in the right way in time, they may lead to larger or more complex problems. Therefore, it is necessary to solve any problems in the process of milling. The air duct blockage is a big problem, but the consequences will be grievous problem, here we take a look at what are the causes of the wind milling equipment transfer finished material blockage of the situation, and for these reasons, there is no reasonable application of preventive measures, as well as the most important solution. When using the superfine grinding mill block material, block material after grinding and grinding ring of crushing and grinding into powder materials. Then, the powder is selected by the fan, and the powder is selected to enter the transmission pipeline, and finally discharged from the discharge port. Here is the blockage phenomenon of fan duct blockage, the consequences caused by the wind is smaller, the powder efficiency declined seriously, if the continuous equipment for feeding, it will cause great burden of equipment, and the overload phenomenon, cause downtime, or damage to the machine or other auxiliary equipment, such as electric control cabinet, though no problem, but the result is still quite serious.

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