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Turn Your  Fashion Long Dresses For Girlinto Dream They Can Get From Jollyhers
   Discussion: Turn Your Fashion Long Dresses For Girlinto Dream They Can Get From Jollyhers
Jollyhers · 4 months ago
A new company is offering the chance for budding young designers to get a head start in the free shipping kids clothing world by designing their very own dresses. Picture This, which launched last week, prints custom shift dresses for both aspiring fashion pros and little girls who just want a creative way to express their personal style. For $49, these tiny fashionistas get to wear a dress that they dreamed up and sketched out — and for a little extra, they can even get a matching mini dress for their favorite dolls. The idea was dreamed up by Las Vegas mother Jaimee Newberry. Jaimee told Babble that the project was originally inspired by her daughters, Sophia and Zia. The youngest has drawn a dress on a piece of paper, and Jaimee decided to sew a real-life version of it for her to wear. Naturally, her kid loved the custom outfit — but so did all of her daughter's friends, and those friends' moms. It was such a popular idea that she realized it could make for a unique business, and she soon got to work with three of her own friends on building it up. They eventually realized that custom-sewing each dress like Jaimee had for her daughter didn't make sense financially, so instead they settled on using a standard shift dress template and printing each child's design on it. Just enjoy 5% discount code JHERS to buy Girls and Boys (3-15 Years Old) 2017 Fashion Clothes with 30 Days Return Free Shipping from now.   

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