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gold ore crusher unique structure
   Discussion: gold ore crusher unique structure
sweetlove · 4 months ago
The gold ore crusher machine has optimized the overall structure and counterweight, improved the structure of the flywheel, the structure of the wheel and the weight of the counterweight block, and made a qualitative leap in the stability of the gold ore crusher.The gold ore crusher machine optimizes the motion path and the cavity shape of the movable jaw to determine its optimal meshing angle and stroke characteristic value, which greatly improves the output and saves energy. In order to improve the service life of the gold crusher, heat treatment of forged eccentric shaft, super large bearing, E type frame and labyrinth seal was carried out to make the equipment more durable and more reliable.Advanced edge guard bolt fixation system. Gold ore crusher machine in replacing the side guard more quickly; the reasonable structure of the machine model is more convenient in adjusting the discharge size and replacement of elbow plate, can effectively shorten the time of operation and maintenance.

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