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My mind around the time that I first heard Bela Bartok's
   Discussion: My mind around the time that I first heard Bela Bartok's
fanzhou · 8 months ago
There are also sampled instruments on the score and making those two work together naturally was arranger Narita-san's job.  We were working on the mixing tirelessly, not even stopping for New Years'.  The most recent release from Dog Ear Records is Nobuo Uematsu's Ten Short Stories, which includes a song that the composer began writing many years ago.  RS Gold Would you please tell us a little about it?This song originated when Uematsu was in Junior High, and was the first he ever composed. Only two verses were written at that time, and he's completing it at fifty.  That was the idea behind the entire project. Seeing as other songs are in the works, we are considering an English-language version.  The track will be available online overseas, and we would like people to understand the lyrics.  The first song ever composed by Uematsu-san will be released at 50?Yes, that's right.  We have until March 20 to finish before he turns 51, and plans are for ten songs total.  Dog Ear Records video interview (Part One of Two)Egusa-san, thank you for joining us for this discussion on the subject of your recent music release.  Dog Ear Records has previously published your solo album KALAYCILAR.  How would you describe Ogawa-san's role in this process?There's a short answer and a long answer to that question, but let me explain it to you in some detail.  Many of the ideas that went into the title track of KALAYCILAR were in my mind around the time that I first heard Bela Bartok's "Runescape Gold Microcosmos" in college.  I actually remember thinking at the time that this would make for some great game music.  That led me to seek out a lot of folk songs originating from Bartok's birthplace of Hungary, just to get a better sense of their motifs.  I thought that one of these days I would try arranging one of these folk songs in my own style.In 2000, I joined a band performing Turkish and Arabic music.

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