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The game's few bosses are excellent
   Discussion: The game's few bosses are excellent
fanzhou · 9 months ago
People talk a lot about the moments, the stories they’ve told in games. Dark Messiah is one of the few games that produces stories (always combat-based) that I’m actually interested in, despite the game’s proper “story” being such a wretched, drawn-out thing.Part of this has nothing to do with how the game feels or how the physics work. While the world of Dark Messiah isn’t terribly original, what is here animates and moves beautifully. All enemies (especially orcs and spiders) Runescape Gold have a way of moving and dying that looks great. These are the scariest, most disgusting, loudest-clicking spiders I’ve ever had the displeasure of fighting in a game. The game’s few bosses are excellent. Ogres and dragons will kill players in a matter of seconds. Only environmental traps and hard-learned tricks will fell these beasts. The inescapable sense of disgust and dread I feel upon descending into a spider den (the sound of my feet on webbed ground alone makes me shiver) is matched only by the relief I feel upon spotting a glimmer of light leading to a bright, now jolly-seeming cliff face. It’s an exhilarating, constantly-tense game.Steep ChallengeDark Messiah is also a difficult game to play through. There’s a reason few companies have tried to make games using the Source engine (I assume): companies that aren’t Valve have (so far) made glitch-ridden, awkwardly-presented games like Dark Messiah and Bloodlines. If you were to watch someone else play Dark Messiah, Cheap RS Gold you’d think it was a brilliant game. It looks great, the characters and world animate wonderfully and the combat looks fluid and just weighty enough. Playing the game is another story. Everything feels awful. Walking and running (especially walking backwards, which is incredibly slow) feel awkward and stilted.

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