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Transition report with the SEC within the next two months
   Discussion: Transition report with the SEC within the next two months
fanzhou · 10 months ago
It takes an experienced company to be able to adapt to the challenges, he suggests -- and console experience is an inestimable help, as many of the integrated toolsets are familiar to the console world and becoming available to the web for the first time. And Bigpoint has one more reason to use Unity: A key engineer it hired was involved himself in the development of the Unity tools, Cheap RS Gold and brought his inside-out familiarity to the team to help serve the end result.Ultimately, the company sees Unity as its most viable option to compete in the MMO space, but cautions that it's no straight ride: Experienced veterans, an adaptable pipeline and the willingness to build out the technology should form the keys to developers' success, the Bigpoint team says. Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive this week said it would shift its fiscal year-end from October 31 to March 31 "to align its fiscal periods more closely with the seasonality of its business."By ending the fiscal year in March instead of October, Take-Two said it will be able to "improve comparability with industry peers." Most of the major publicly-traded video game publishers' fiscal years end in March.The video game industry's packaged retail business is still very seasonal, with the bulk of revenues generated during the holiday quarter, which runs from October through December. Take-Two's current fiscal schedule ends right in the middle of that period, and the change will give the delay-prone publisher more flexibility in scheduling releases. Take-Two said it will report its results for the three- and 12-month periods ending October 31 in mid-December 2010 press release, and hold a corresponding conference call.Buy RS Gold At that time, the publisher will give guidance for the five-month period between November 2010 and March 2011 as Take-Two transitions to the new schedule, and will file a transition report with the SEC within the next two months.Take-Two said it plans to report on the full fiscal year ending March 31, 2011 in late May next year. The annual meeting of stockholders for 2011 will be held on or after September 1, 2011, and no later than September 30.

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