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Incentives for players to keep them motivated
   Discussion: Incentives for players to keep them motivated
fanzhou · 10 months ago
 I hesitate to say they have full control, but they have a good positive influence on the development process. For example, there's no Halloween in Korea, but in the game, we have items like a pumpkin head mask for the holiday.So you are tailoring in game events to American culture specifically? JN: Exaclty. That's an example of something that we thought would be cool, and all of a sudden it's done, it's in there.What do you do to tailor the game systems for an American audience? RS 07 Gold Do you look at other successful MMOs in North America to see what tends to work well over here? JN: We all play triple A titles, and the team knows what is going on. Asian gamers tend to be less averse to grinding, while American gamers are more accustomed to instant gratification. Within our focus group we had this thing called "The Pit." There was this level where it was very difficult to level up compared to what players were used to until that point, and the American users would say, "Oh my god, it was just so horrible." We keep that stuff, and we say, "Okay, well did you know that at level 20 there is this big reward?" And they say, "No!"Buy Runescape Gold  That is one of the solutions we could suggest, we could also add a mini quest that tells players they can get a certain item or a given a certain character advancing choice if they reach a certain level, and that would incentivize people.It sounds like there's a lot of carrot-on-a-stick incentives for players to keep them motivated. JN: That's one thing for sure. Korean users will just brush past those levels, saying "Ha, this is kind of taking me a long time, but whatever."

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