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Cheer the cost saving and the use of a proven team
   Discussion: Cheer the cost saving and the use of a proven team
fanzhou · 11 months ago
“It’s hard to compare them from a dollar to dollar standpoint,” he says. “The casual market, in general, is a lot larger (than the core), but the core makes up a larger percentage of income. …  It’s kind of an apples to oranges comparison. But the demographic that Pogo attracts is one that has the highest monetization on social networks.”When EA bought in 2001, the site had 17 million registered members. A direct comparison to that number’s not available, but today the site boasts 12 Buy Runescape Gold million monthly unique visitors and 1.5 million active subscribers. And Marchetti says he believe there’s still plenty of room to grow. “I think mobile [gaming] in general is going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, gaming platforms of the future,” he says. “You’re seeing that already with the success of the iPhone – and even with something like the Kindle from Amazon, the most popular download is Scrabble. Mobile gaming, we think, is going to be a big driver of traffic for Pogo’s future.”If nothing else, EA deserves credit for leveraging existing assets as it expands further into mobile and social gaming. The prices on the ongoing land grab in those sectors continue to escalate (a trend, many note, EA started with its $300 million purchase of Playfish a year ago). RS Gold For a company that has struggled as much as EA has recently, investors are likely to cheer the cost saving – and the use of a proven team.

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