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we can take market share away from [Activision]
   Discussion: we can take market share away from [Activision]
fanzhou · 10 months ago
Despite all of the hype and the high-profile licensing agreement surrounding the Fab Four's video game appearance in Harmonix's The Beatles: Rock Band, MTV Games has conceded that the title didn't meet commercial expectations.Asked if he was happy with the music game's performance, MTV Games general manager Scott Guthrie replied in a Euro-centric MCV interview, "The honest answer is no. RS Gold We were expecting higher sales."He added, "We got caught in a few things that happened last year. It was a tough economy; there was a lot of competitive products out there, and I think Beatles probably had softer sales than it would have if some of those things werenÂ’t in play."He said that Viacom-owned MTV Games was "pleased" with the game's sales, however, but admitted that the Rock Band publisher "underestimated the competition and they took mind share away from us."During The Beatles: Rock Band UK debut week in September 2009, it secured the fourth-place spot in unit sales, according to Chart-Track -- Activision's competing Guitar Hero 5 debuted the same week at number one on the all-platforms charts. Beatles was only in the top 10 for its first two weeks in the UK.Harmonix said in December that worldwide, The Beatles: Rock Band, Runescape Gold sold 1 million units.Guthrie added, "We really believe that with the launch of Rock Band 3 -- which is a significant upgrade to what we had before -- we believe we can take market share away from [Activision].".

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