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The various forms of the Quick-Time Event
   Discussion: The various forms of the Quick-Time Event
fanzhou · 10 months ago
QTEs are a powerful game mechanic in that they offer developers the opportunity to show the player something really cool -- and that's why gamers play games: to see really cool things."He also notes that these mechanics have taken on a wide variety of forms since the QTE debuted in the original Shenmue.  Deadman Gold Using the 2007 title Stranglehold as an example, Rogers explains how QTEs can exist even without the traditional on-screen button icons."The first-person camera snaps from attacker to attacker. The crosshair is always a bit off of the deadly pressure point. You move it manually, at just slower than its usual speed, as you savor the super slow motion reaction time of the enemy in front of you. You pull the trigger. The camera follows the bullet impact. The enemy flinches, deforms, crumples, or explodes backward with terrific physics calculated by the impact point of the bullet.This is as exciting as QTEs can possibly get: the action fits story context, character context, and game control context, and the payoff is visceral and instant … Stranglehold shows Deadman Seasonal Gold that QTEs can be part of a game and not be sudden, intrusive, demanding situations."For more on the history and the various forms of the Quick-Time Event, read the full Gamasutra feature article, available now..

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