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With the game’s next major patch set to hit later this month
   Discussion: With the game’s next major patch set to hit later this month
fanzhou · 11 months ago
A mentoring system has been employed for the benefit of both veteran and newer players.“‘Mentor’ is a special status for experienced players, who are only able to call themselves mentors after obtaining certain achievements and meeting certain criteria,” says producer and director Naoki Yoshida. “Final Fantasy XIV Gil Mentors are players who support beginners who have just started their adventures in-game and answer their questions from the standpoint of a seasoned veteran. Mentorship is also a new element to help those who role play and to further enhance the player community.”In addition, the minimap will have elevation differentiation, along with 4k resolution support.Lastly, Orchestrion is a new system being brought in with the patch.  It will allow players to have a jukebox and play music in their houses, inns, private rooms.  Various songs can be unlocked through sheets obtained by defeating bosses.Square Enix has released a new trailer entitled “Gears of Change” that previews the upcoming 3.2 Patch to Final Fantasy XIV.In the update players can expect to see new story quests like The Gears of Change and Hildibrand side story quests, a new Raid Cheap FFXIV Gil Dungeon called Alexander: Midas, new Beast Tribe quests, and a new training ground called “Stone, Sky, Sea.”The training ground will let players “test your might against an assortment of striking dummies tailored to the strength of legendary foes, and prove you have what it takes to go head-to-head with their real-life counterparts.”The update will also feature two new dungeons, The Antitower and The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard mode), new Tomestones, new crafting recipes, and more. With the game’s next major patch set to hit later this month, Square Enix has given fans a look at the newest content coming to Final Fantasy XIV. Update 3.2 will add not only a new main scenario, but also dungeons and a new primal battle.Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil The main scenario, called The Gears of Change, will continue to add the game’s story. “Truth. Peace.

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