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Diabetes - Why Do I Feel Awful? Diabetes - Why Do I Feel Awful?

   Discussion: Diabetes - Why Do I Feel Awful?
rosariawetzell · 24 days ago
Because the gel-matrix is in the Blood Balance Formula Review digestive tract before the meal, the absorption of the food from the meal is slowed down over time, there by assisting in the prevention of diabetes or any diabetic symptoms. The reason why this delayed action takes place is simply because the soluble fiber matrix forms a slimy complex which surrounds the food, including carbohydrates and delays it from going through the digestive process immediately. In effect what happens is that the food, (carbohydrates) are dragged along quite slowly together with the fiber matrix through the digestive tract. By doing this it prevents all the food from being absorbed at the entrance of the intestine. A process which is critical in the prevention of diabetes. This process reduces the amount of sugar (glucose) which is being absorbed at the same time, thus allowing an efficient and safe glucose level balance in the blood. But please understand that this does not mean that the total amount of food (carbohydrates) are not absorbed. In-fact they are. The whole purpose of the action is only to delay the absorption over a longer time period, in an attempt to control or prevent too many highs and lows of insulin production as food is ingested. And as a result of this delayed reaction, diabetes, or diabetic symptoms are prevented. Diabetes can make you feel more tired than normal for a number of reasons... people with Type 2 diabetes, especially if they are overweight, may unknowingly suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, caused by the narrowing of the upper airways.

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