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DIY Renewable Energy For Free Electricity DIY Renewable Energy For Free Electricity

   Discussion: DIY Renewable Energy For Free Electricity
rosariawetzell · 1 year, 8 months ago
Energy efficient ceiling fans, whether Ground Power Generator Review indoors in an air conditioned environment, in your home that lacks air conditioning or outdoors in the warm summer air bring cost savings to your home and makes for a more energy efficient house. In case of a home without air conditioning a whole house fan could be an even better choice. This is due to a couple of unique factors and, this may surprise you, but mainly it is due to how the human body cools itself. Our body cools itself through evaporation from the surface of the skin. This cooling effect can be increased by lowering the humidity in the environment...why Arizona doesn't feel as hot as Louisiana at the same July temperature. This comfort factor can also be increased by the movement of the air over our skin or the air velocity. This is why a whole house fan or ceiling fan "feels" so good. It is increasing the velocity of the air as it moves across our skin and improving the evaporation effect. It is no different than the wind chill factor in winter. We are just using the same physical phenomenon to improve our summertime cooling and comfort. Even if you have an energy efficient air conditioner you can still improve your energy profile and cost savings by using ceiling fans. The air conditioner will help control the humidity in the home and moving the air slowly will allow you to raise your thermostat and still maintain the same comfort level. Sine it is more expensive to condition the air than just move it, you will save on your energy bill. Choose an Energy Star rated fan or not, you will still be more comfortable while using less energy.

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