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How to Control Type 2 Diabetes Naturally How to Control Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

   Discussion: How to Control Type 2 Diabetes Naturally
rosariawetzell · 1 year, 8 months ago
Adding a teaspoon or two of Cinnamon Blood Sugar Premier Review to your daily eating regimen has been shown to be beneficial to type 2 Diabetics. Garlic has also been proven a popular remedy to lower and stabilize blood sugar. Drinking lots of water is also beneficial in helping the body fight back against type 2 Diabetes; again it helps to flush out toxins and allows the kidneys to function better. Diabetic patients need to take proper care of their feet as they are infection-prone areas. If not attended on time foot problems result in damage of the nerves. Many get to notice a foot injury only after an infection develops, which may lead to worse consequences. Diabetics results in reduced ability to fight infection, and hence delays the blood and oxygen supply to the feet. Due to this, sores and skin breaks occur, which may lead to skin ulcer if devoid of proper care and in the worsen stage amputation of the affected limb may be required, so those who are diagnosed with diabetics have to take optimal care of their foot. There are high chances of feet nerve damage for diabetic patients, thus it is wise to check their feet twice in a year. Cracks, wounds, blisters, and warts are various problems diabetic patients are prone to. You may neglect thinking its a small wound but it may develop severe complications if not cured on time, therefore having a diabetic foot care kit handy is wise. Now, lets see what are the constituents of a foot care kit. An anti-fungal cream is included with every kit to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and also cracks and blisters are kept at bay by keeping the skin smooth and soft. Pumice stone, which is widely used to soften feet, accompanies the diabetic foot care kit. A magnifying glass and a mirror for enhanced foot care are also supplied along with this kit. Other than these diabetic medical supplies, a pair of socks and shoes are provided as the risk of infection and injuries are high when being bare footed.

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