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What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level First Thing in the Morning? What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level First Thing in the Morning?

   Discussion: What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level First Thing in the Morning?
rosariawetzell · 1 year, 8 months ago
I try to demonstrate the connection Blood Sugar Premier Review between candida or yeast and diabetes, and also to pancreatic cancer based on a patient's true story, her name is Lucy. About 7 years ago, her sister-in-law came down with a severe case of mono. It was so bad that she couldn't go to work, she was totally incapacitated. During that time my friend had a routine checkup with her doctor and told her how she was feeling fatigued. He tested her for EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) and her reading was higher than her sister-in-law's! He put her on antibiotics and told her to rest for the next two weeks. The thing is she wasn't even feeling as bad as she had in the past! Over the years she has come to recognize when the virus flares up. She gets extremely fatigued, her muscles ache, her joints ache, and the slightest exertion causes her to break out in a sweat. Her throat is sore and her lymph glands in her neck swell. It usually flares up whenever she has an emotional crisis (like her husband's unfaithfulness and leaving) or when she overexerts herself physically. What is amazing to her is that, knowing she has EBV and suspect fibromyalgia also, both of these conditions have roots in yeast overgrowth. Her mother-in-law was diagnosed a month ago with pancreatic cancer. It's a shame because she's a woman who took real good care of her health. She ate lots of processed foods and was addicted to sweets. Even though she did not have a weight problem, she did become diabetic about a year before the cancer was diagnosed. So she sees a connection between yeast and diabetes and diabetes and pancreatic cancer. And she thinks it all has its roots in candidiasis.

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