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Tired Of Being Broke Yet? How To Solve It Now Revealed! Tired Of Being Broke Yet? How To Solve It Now Revealed!

   Discussion: Tired Of Being Broke Yet? How To Solve It Now Revealed!
rosariawetzell · 1 year, 8 months ago
One of the most common reasons Uncompromised Life Review that people fail to reach their goals is that they sabotage themselves. Self sabotage usually happens when you are trying to do something that is outside your normal comfort zone. It is almost as if your unconscious mind is using it's power to pull you back into your comfort zone. Your mind power is so great that it can completely determine your success in anything that you try. Self sabotage can be caused when what you are trying to achieve or do contradicts some deeply entrenched conditioning. The subconscious mind will take control and find a way to make sure that your previous conditioning will win out. You may not want this to happen, but you are powerless to stop it. A good example is lottery winners who end up blowing all their money. They bought a lottery ticket to get rich. The prize money they win is vastly more money than they are conditioned to and they are now outside their well established financial comfort zone. Their subconscious mind finds a way to return them to the financial level that they have been conditioned to - usually pretty quickly! Use your mind power to overcome self sabotage You've probably got the message by now that self sabotage is bad. The question is: can you overcome your past conditioning and stop self sabotage by using your mind power? The answer is yes you can - but it might take some effort! Here are some hints to help you.

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