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The Roman Circus and "The Secret" The Roman Circus and "The Secret"

   Discussion: The Roman Circus and "The Secret"
rosariawetzell · 17 days ago
Here's the test: Do you tell others Unlocking Transcendence Review what to do? Do you demand a vote recount, an insistence that others should do it your way? That is force. Or do you allow others to choose their beliefs and actions, even to the point of drug or alcohol abuse? Do you see the harmony in accepting all life forms to follow their natural way, even to extinction? You are using power, in that case, to create harmony and peace in your own life, and thus in the planet's. I believe that God shows us through events in our lives, messages that He is trying to teach us. We are less likely to forget them when we have an experience to remember. I'm going to share my experience with you about going one way...forward! Since my husband has been gainfully employed once again, he has been using the only car we own for the time being. On Tuesdays I leave in the morning at 4 am to drop him off at work. I then have use of the car to teach my Tuesday morning Bible study classes. One thing I do, is remain faithful to the call of God on my life. Even though this is an inconvenience, not to mention added miles on this car, I am honored to to do it. God is not looking for excuses or an easy way out of fulfilling the blessings He bestows. Like anything, it must be earned.

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