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Ever Heard of a Permanent Magnet Generator? - You'll Wish You Had! Ever Heard of a Permanent Magnet Generator? - You'll Wish You Had!

   Discussion: Ever Heard of a Permanent Magnet Generator? - You'll Wish You Had!
rosariawetzell · 19 days ago
Most of you will have seen how two Ground Power Generator Review magnets display an attractive or repulsive force depending on their polarity, well its the ability to harness these forces that lies at the heart of how a magnet generator works. It's basically a very simple device. A set of magnets are arranged around a flywheel which is connected to a small turbine. The magnets exert a rotational force on the flywheel which then turns the generator and this, in turn, produces electricity. In principle, it's the same method of operation as a wind turbine - only without needing the wind. The resultant electricity is then stored in a set of normal car batteries for use when needed. An inverter is often attached to complete the design; this allows you to operate any kind of conventional electrical apparatus such as fridge's, TV's and even air conditioning using the magnet generator. It has been shown that a magnetic generator is capable of producing up to 50% of the typical energy requirements of the average household. Or to put it another way, if you build and run 2 of these devices you could be completely self sufficient in electricity. Since they only cost a couple of hundred dollars to make and can be build using a very simple set of tools, it's not hard to see why a magnet generator is the answer to a growing peoples energy problems. Many people out there are concerned about the planet. These folks feel that humans are a great contributing factor to the adverse environmental conditions that scientist have forecasted for the future, and unless drastic measures are taken, certain disaster will befall everyone. Other people are motivated more by saving every possible dollar they can, and they feel that the high energy costs are untenable. Regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, what ties most of these people together are off grid home solar power systems. For those serious about power consumption, there is simply no other alternative.

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