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Vitamin and Herbs Supplies - A Beginners Guide Vitamin and Herbs Supplies - A Beginners Guide

   Discussion: Vitamin and Herbs Supplies - A Beginners Guide
rosariawetzell · 19 days ago
Excessive tissue acidity caused by an Gaia’s Protocol Review over-acidic diet. In the process of normal metabolism, the body produces a variety of acids; for example, carbonic acid during respiration, lactic acid in the muscles when exercising and several others in the process of digestion, detoxification, etc. This creates an acidic load that must be neutralized somehow before it reaches the elimination system, to avoid burning the large intestine and urinary tract. In order to do this, the body uses sodium bicarbonate which is produced mainly by the pancreas. Sodium bicarbonate is composed of carbon and organic sodium. Carbon is abundant in organic chemistry, but organic sodium is obtained almost exclusively from vegetables and in smaller proportion from certain fruits. Inorganic sodium, as in salt, has a very poor absorption rate and is therefore not a good source of sodium for acid neutralization purposes.  If the body lacks an abundant supply of organic sodium, it starts by robbing sodium from the bile, setting up the perfect environment for gallstones and from the stomach lining increasing the probability of ulcers. If the acidity levels are excessive, the only plausible solution is to start robbing other alkaline minerals from the body's reserves, in particular calcium from the bone mass. It is no surprise that osteoporosis, along with arthritic conditions are so rampant today with our highly acidic lifestyles. The most acidic foods are sodas, sugar (including alcohol), coffee, pasteurized dairy, meats and grains.

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