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   Discussion: Mental Fitness - Check How You Rate
rosariawetzell · 24 days ago
It would be unrealistic for anyone to Meridian Health Protocol Review tell you that you shouldn't be fearful following an illness diagnosis. The reality is that fear comes with the diagnosis as a way to insulate you from the outside world while you regroup. It gives you a window of time to formulate an action plan that will transform fear into action. It will serve as the fuel for regaining your sense of control over your life. Fear, if you let it, can be a teacher in releasing self-blame and regret. When trying to understand your response to fear consider what animal trainers say about fear. They inform everyone when engaging an animal not to show fear because they can feel your anxiety and it evokes an aggressive response from the animal. The trick is to keep your feelings of fear to a minimum. If you are intent on being fearful try scheduling time during the week to experience the fear; then pack it away till the next week. You don't have control over the diagnosis, but you do have control over how you respond to the illness. Because fear is so prevalent, the question is how not to make it the focal point of your treatment process or your journey to wellness. Choose wisely because how you deal with fear will reflect in how your body responds to the call for healing.

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