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Online Advertising - How Do I Advertise Online? How Do I Generate Traffic? Online Advertising - How Do I Advertise Online? How Do I Generate Traffic?

   Discussion: Online Advertising - How Do I Advertise Online? How Do I Generate Traffic?
rosariawetzell · 1 year, 10 months ago
Banner exchange programs are most Onyx Scalper Review common method for low budget marketers. You can place your banners on other sites that offer complimentary products and services to yours. In exchange for this you have to put up other banners on your website. Thus, you can place banners on other websites without paying a dime. is a good banner exchange program. Also offers you a 1:1 exchange ratio on banner exchanges i.e. for every one banner hit on your website, your banner gets displayed on another website. One word of caution. Even though banner ads are the most popular form of advertising they are not the most effective. To learn more click here to read "The most widely utilized method of advertising, is sadly the least effective. In fact, it is HARMFUL. Find out more." Besides banners, the next most popular means used is e-zine ads. E-zines are online newsletters. Nearly, everybody subscribes to some newsletter or the other. There are three kinds of E-zine ads. Ill describe them below: Solo Ads Solo Ads are ads that go by themselves to the entire mailing list. You make exactly the way you want it, publishers would not restrict you to a fixed number of words or lines. These ads pull in the most number of clicks and sales.  Top Sponsor Ads Top Sponsor Ads are classified ads which get the most coveted position in an e-zine, which is usually the top. These ads also have a very good potential to pull in sales. They are usually restricted to 230 - 280 characters in all and about 4 lines. Classified Ads Classified Ads are ads which are placed in between articles of the e-zine and may be placed with out ads as well. These ads are not the most profit pulling, but a worth a try still. If written correctly, it has the potential to get clicks. These are best for testing purposes and also getting your hands wet in advertising.

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