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oat milk benefits and side effects oat milk benefits and side effects

   Discussion: oat milk benefits and side effects
naisrv vhfty · 6 days ago
=11.0pt[color=blue]oat milk benefits and side effects[/color] [color=#222222]know go just one into the other there's a possible decrease in cancer risk or better effective cancer treatment with fasting so cancer cells all cells we showed need glucose to survive if you put cancer cells in a petri dish and you don't give them glucose you don't give them sugar water they die okay so if you start them on glucose they they don't survive and so the thought process here is that if people who are undergoing cancer treatment do some fasting that they can optimize the benefits of their chemotherapy so again this is very early th [/color][color=#222222]Benefits of oat milk [/color]=11.0pt[color=#222222]ere's not a lot of good human data but there's data in animals to support that longevity a big reason for intermittent fasting has been longevity living longer okay and living healthier like been drinking quietly lived twice as long as the average guy because he was this behavior [/color]  

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