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Escape from Tarkov is getting heavier - and easier Escape from Tarkov is getting heavier - and easier

   Discussion: Escape from Tarkov is getting heavier - and easier
5mmo · 11 days ago
Escape from Tarkov money Update for Escape from Tarkov is live as developer Battlestate Games reports via Twitter. The patch makes adjustments to the new system for overweight and endurance fatigue. The corresponding changes by the new system in the hardcore shooter met at best mixed reactions with the Tarkov community. Critics complained that the weight limit and the associated Mali punish especially beginner characters for exactly what the game is about: collecting loot. If the new system exceeds the 40 kilogram limit the character slows down and consumes stamina faster. He also makes louder noises which often ends in death in Tarkov because you draw attention to your opponents. In addition to a number of bug fixes and exploit repair developer Battlestate Games is making two important changes to the new weight system: Tarkov gets even harder: On the one hand your character now makes a heavy breathing sound when the stamina is exhausted. This makes it potentially easier to discover if you run too much and / or carry too much. There is also a tremor in the hands. Tarkov becomes a little easier: On the other hand a lower weight now leads to you leveling up your strength skill. From now on you will level your strength from 48.75 kilos everything below this weight will level your stamina. The complete patch notes for the update which is called full version number cheap EFT Euros can be found on page 2 of this message. The German translation comes from the official Tarkov forum. In the game you can also exchange dollars to roubles. you can find all of these currencies for sale now! Cheapest price safe and fast delivery is also provided.

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