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The function of cleaner in vertical mill production line The function of cleaner in vertical mill production line

   Discussion: The function of cleaner in vertical mill production line
kuangshanposui · 10 days ago
In the vertical ultrafine mill production line, the role of the belt conveyor is very big, equipment and equipment are connected by the belt conveyor. As an important part of the belt conveyor, the cleaning device of raw material vertical mill powder equipment has a direct effect on the working performance, state and service life of the belt conveyor. According to the technical parameters of the vertical mill, in the production line of TP ultra-fine vertical mill, the sweeper will often encounter some problems, such as the effect of the sweeper is not ideal, the design is not reasonable, the cleaning tool head quickly wears, the installation is not in place, and so on.In the vertical mill production line, the sweeper may also cause a lot of safety accidents. In some places, 7 ~ 8 sweepers are installed at one cleaning point, but the actual cleaning effect is poor. After installing the sweeper in some areas, the belt joint cracks, resulting in the overall belt tearing problem. These problems are mainly caused by the selection error of the sweeper, the wrong installation position of the sweeper, and the wear-resistant tool head of the sweeper.How to choose sweeper in vertical mill production line? The principle of selecting sweeper should be: installation position, chute structure. (2) conveyor belt and conveyor frame position, pressure drum position. Conveyor belt speed and various surface conditions and quality. (4) joint type, whether it is a two-way running conveyor belt. Type and characteristics of conveying materials, water content, particle size of materials, viscosity.

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